Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Geese

As I look out on the frozen lake I see 30 Geese resting on the ice and 20 geese trying to keep the water open by swimming around. It is mandatory that the geese have water available or they will freeze. It is amazing to me that they splash around taking their daily bath when the water is 33 degrees.   Late this evening, the geese are still there.  Their droppings are dotted around where they are sleeping.   If we still have cold weather tomorrow they will still be there.   A few more flew in this evening.   After a few days of this they will start to look ragged and in need of proper bathing and preening.  What a wonderful painting this would make and I hope to capture it soon. What are your thoughts about how I might make this work?  Look for my painting soon.  

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