Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mr. Cat's Meow

This painting is my first entry into a challenge. I have painted a number of Zentangle paintings in the past two years and currently have a request to hang 20 Zentangle paintings in a gallery. This is fun to create and I actually can't wait to see the next one. All the paintings are totally original and you can create as you paint.  Thank you for looking at my blog and please look at my gallery.   For questions or comments, contact me at


At the Zoo

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

IT'S ALL ABOUT PAPER is the title of this piece of art.   It is all constructed from cardboard, pictures from a magazine, wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper and any other items that I used to make it happen.   I applied about 3 coats of mat medium and painted it on the flowers that were in a magazine and thenI washed off the paper from underneath after it dried  and had a clear ink transfer of the colored paper. then  mounted them on thin cardboard to make them stand out.  I used scrapbooking paper for the vase, wrapping paper for the background, magazine paper for the table top and wrapping paper for the reflection.   It was fun to make.  The original is for sale and it is really neat.   I hope you enjoyed this description and come back often to see what I am writing about.    Be sure to look at my gallery.  Thank you,  Patricia Voelz

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

With this painting, I started off with a completely different idea.   I was going to have the Statue of Liberty standing and looking over New York city but my statue did not materialize.  Actually, I had a dream about this painting with the statue and as soon as I woke up I grabbed my drawing pad and drew the outline of what I wanted to put in the picture so I would not forget it.  My dream was a daytime dream but the painting turned out to be a moonlit night in New York.  Oh well, so much for dreams.   Have you ever had a dream and then painted what you dreamed about?   Thanks for visiting my blog.  Please come back often.   This painting is sold but I am offering a 11 X 14 copy, matted and it will fit in a standard frame.  

Monday, January 28, 2013

This beautiful flower is called INNOCENCE.   It is a white poppy that I grew in my yard.   I love the wavy petals and the delicate look of the flower.  What a surprise to find this in my yard and I grabbed my camera and took lots of pictures.  I only had this flower one year and it has never appeared again.  I did have a light lavender one last year.  Flowers are just like children.  There are no two alike.    This is a print that is offered at 11 X 14 inches that will be shipped matted and ready to hang in your standard frame.    I have many wonderful comments on how well this shows in a home.   Please contact me if you want information on different sizes or shipping costs at     Thank you for reading my blog and come back often.  Pat Voelz
Here is today's painting. The title is KEYS, STRINGS AND HORN.   This was so much fun to paint.  I was able to just paint what was in my mind and with my heart even though it was a commission.   This picture is now living in Texas and I have permission to make copies of the image.   Copies can be made in any size and it is offered on this site in a 11 X 14 size.   Please contact me for other sizes and prices at  .  
I invite you to look at my gallery and let me know what you think is my style.   It is a rainy day here in Indiana and I would love to hear from you.  Thank you for visiting and come back often.  Pat Voelz

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mother Nature

Today's post is one of the first paintings I did when I was taking art classes about 30 years ago.  A client called me one day about a year ago and said "I think I have one of your paintings."  " I was wondering if you would like to see it?"  We made arrangements  to meet so she could show  me the painting.   I was overwhelmed and did not remember painting it but I had signed it. She had bought it at a sidewalk sale where I lived.     I asked her if I could have a copy made for her and I would take the original painting back.  She agreed and I have the original in my home.   A few days before this happened, a young man I knew called me and said do you have that painting I saw you working on when I came to your house.   He described it and it happened to be the same painting.   He wanted a copy of it for his home.    Everyday I have new and exciting things happen because of my art.  What do you think about this story?  

Winter Geese

As I look out on the frozen lake I see 30 Geese resting on the ice and 20 geese trying to keep the water open by swimming around. It is mandatory that the geese have water available or they will freeze. It is amazing to me that they splash around taking their daily bath when the water is 33 degrees.   Late this evening, the geese are still there.  Their droppings are dotted around where they are sleeping.   If we still have cold weather tomorrow they will still be there.   A few more flew in this evening.   After a few days of this they will start to look ragged and in need of proper bathing and preening.  What a wonderful painting this would make and I hope to capture it soon. What are your thoughts about how I might make this work?  Look for my painting soon.  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

About Me

My name is Patricia Voelz. I currently live in Indiana, but my roots are still in Texas where I was born and lived until I married and moved to Indiana. My main accomplishment in life is my family which consists of three beautiful daughters, three grandchildren and four  great grandchildren  with one more coming in June.   I am a self taught artist and have been interested in art all my life.  I think about painting all the time and when I look at something, I am wondering how I can paint it.  Painting is my passion and I think about it when I go to bed at night and get up in the morning.    When I was very young, I was inspired by watching my grandmother and sister paint.  I am a very spiritual person and strive for my spirituality to show through in my artwork. I work in oil, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, ink and mixed media.  You must tell me how you would describe my paintings! 
I am an avid Gardener and can't wait  the flowers to come in the spring, summer and fall and so I can  paint the vivid colors all around me.  I appreciate you looking at my artwork and hope that someday it will find a place in your home.   Some of the artwork can be made into a giclee' print either on canvas or on watercolor paper in what ever size you choose.  I am available to paint something of  your choosing if you wish.  You may contact me at     Thank you for visiting and please come back often.   Pat Voelz