Friday, January 25, 2013

Mother Nature

Today's post is one of the first paintings I did when I was taking art classes about 30 years ago.  A client called me one day about a year ago and said "I think I have one of your paintings."  " I was wondering if you would like to see it?"  We made arrangements  to meet so she could show  me the painting.   I was overwhelmed and did not remember painting it but I had signed it. She had bought it at a sidewalk sale where I lived.     I asked her if I could have a copy made for her and I would take the original painting back.  She agreed and I have the original in my home.   A few days before this happened, a young man I knew called me and said do you have that painting I saw you working on when I came to your house.   He described it and it happened to be the same painting.   He wanted a copy of it for his home.    Everyday I have new and exciting things happen because of my art.  What do you think about this story?  

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